Homily (Reflection) for Monday of the First Week in Ordinary Time (II) (08th January, 2018) on the Gospel
1Sam 1:1-8;
Ps 115:12-19 (R. v.17);
Mk 1:14-20.
Topic: Called by Christ.
Jesus began the proclamation of good news in Galilee (Galilean ministry). And the central message is “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God has come near; repent, and believe in the good news” (Mk 1:15).
The good news is meant for every creature. Jesus could not do that alone, cf. Col 1:24. Hence, He called Peter, Andrew, James, and John. These were called to follow Jesus who will transform them into fishers of people. In other words, to continue the work He had began, cf. Jn 20:21.
We are called by Christ. Hence we bear the name of Christ (Christians). The instruction and the aim are still the same. We are to follow Christ to be transformed. Christ expects us to go and bear fruit that will abide, cf. Jn 15:16.
We must remember always that we all are called by Christ to help Him in preaching the good news to every creature, cf. Mk 16:15. Doing the contrary makes one Christ’s enemy, cf. Matt 12:30; Lk 11:23; Jn 15:14. So who are you – His worker of His foe?
Bible Reading: Lk 10:1-12.
Thought for today: You are called to fish for people not to scatter.
Let us pray: May God help us do the work of fishing for people – Amen.
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