Homily (Reflection) for Thursday of the Thirty-Fourth Week in Ordinary Time (I) (28th November, 2019) on the Gospel
Dan 6:12-28;
Dan 3:68-74. (R.v.59);
Lk 21:20-28.
Topic: Worth remembering.
Normally, as the liturgical year comes to an end, the readings often draw our minds to the end of one thing or another. Today’s gospel is made up of two sections. In the first (Lk 21:20-24), Jesus foretold the destruction of Jerusalem. And in the second section (Lk 21:25-28), we read of the coming of the Son of Man at the peak of those terrible days.
As we approach the end of this liturgical year, I considered it necessary for us to think towards the end of other things especially our existence here on earth. Although it may be scaring for some, yet it is a reality that no one has discovered how to avoid. At best, many have only suggested ways of delaying it and never how to eliminate it. Think also of our wealth, positions, connections, and so on. All these and every other thing except God will also come to end.
Have you ever asked yourself what your fate will be after your sojourn here on earth? This question often gives me sleepless nights because we often look down on it. That day, each person will stand before God to give account of him/herself. He is ready to judge the living and the dead, cf. 1Pt 4:5; 2Tim 4:1. And remember, He will not judge by appearances, cf. Jer 17:10. 20:12. How prepared are you?
Bible Reading: Ps 90:1-17.
Thought for today: Where do you prepare for?
Let us pray: Lord, help us to remember always that life is too short – Amen.
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