Homily (Reflection) for Wednesday of the First Week of Advent (04th December, 2019) on the Gospel
Is 25:6-10;
Ps 22 (R. v.6);
Matt 15:29-37.
Topic: Bring them to Jesus.
Although today’s gospel is made up of two sections – the curing of many people (Matt 15:29-31) and the feeding of the four thousand (Matt 15:32-37), but one thing common is that they all came to Jesus with their needs.
Needless to ask whether you have any need because it is obvious. But where do you take these to – Jesus or some other place/s. Sometimes one wonders whether God has suddenly lost the ability to know our needs or that there is anything impossible or too hard for God, (cf. Lk 18:27; Jer 32:17).
My dearest in the Lord, as we prepare for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, it is important to be ready to meet him and to be with him. Wait for him with all your needs, worries, troubles, confusions, crisis, joys, pains, and so on. Above all, wait for him with your faith intact, cf. Lk 18:8. Again, as we prepare for his coming, it is important to be ready to meet him with our lives and not our words for he knows us through and through even when we did not utter a word, cf. Deut 2:7,  Ps 44:21; Ps 103:14; Ps 138:6; Nah 1:7; 1Jn 3:20.
Bible Reading: Lk 12: 22-34.
Thought for today: To whom do you turn in times of need?
Let us pray: God, our father we have come to you with our problems. As we lay them before you may we never go back with any of them – Amen.
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