Homily (Reflection) for Tuesday of the Sixth Week of Easter (08th May, 2018) on the Gospel
Acts 16:22-34;
Ps 138:1-3.7-8. (R. v.7);
Jn 16:5-11.

Topic: He will prove the world wrong (Jn 16:8).
The Holy Spirit is very important in our lives as individuals and as the body of Christ (the Church), cf. 1Cor 12:27; Eph 4:30. 5:23; Jn 14:16. However, many commit a lot of atrocities both in their utterances and deeds in the name of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes one wonders if the fruits of the Holy Spirit enumerated by the apostle Paul are still anything to go by: “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control” (Gal 5:22-23).
What does one gain from all these other than material things that will expire sooner than we imagine (cf. 1Jn 2:17)? We all must give account to Him who is ready to judge the living and the dead, cf. 1Pt 4:5. This judge knows the secrets of every heart and will repay every person according their deeds, cf. Ps 44:21; Prov 24:12.
Although “Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the LORD weighs the heart” (Prov 21:2). Many have uncountable reasons why they commit atrocities in the name of God. And “Because sentence against an evil deed is not executed speedily, the heart of the sons of men is fully set to do evil” (Eccl 8:11). We are sure that it must certainly come, cf. 2Pt 3:9-10. Whoever fails to follow God, multiplies his/her sorrows, cf. Ps 16:4. Jesus is telling us in today’s gospel, “And when he [the Holy Spirit] comes, he will prove the world wrong about sin and righteousness and judgement” (Jn 16:8). We must be careful because God will not judge with the world’s standard, cf. Is 11:3.
Bible Reading: Gal 5:16-26; 2Pt 3:1-13.
Thought for today: ...joy comes with the morning (Ps 30:5).
Let us pray: Lord, “Restore to me the joy of thy salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit” – Amen (Ps 51:12).
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