Homily for Saturday of the Second Week of Advent (II) (12th December, 2015) on the Gospel

Sir 48:1-4.9-11;
Ps 79: 2-3.15-16.18-19. (R. v. 4)
Matt 17:10-13.

Topic: Problem of Recognition.
There is an Igbo adage that a slave ought to know that he or she will be buried just the same way another slave is buried. While Jesus and His disciples were descending from the mountain after His transfiguration, they raised a question on why the scribes said that Elijah would come first. Remember that Jesus had answered this question in the gospel we read on Thursday (Matt 11:11-15).

And Jesus told them that Elijah had already come and they did with him what pleased them because they did not recognise him. In the same vein, that the same fate awaits Him who is the long awaited Messiah. I believe you still remember the story of the monk sent by the bishop to a monastery as their new abbot who was subjected to the most menial jobs in the monastery until he was discovered?

Please, be very careful the way you treat that man or woman, boy or girl, and so on you meet today and all the days of your life because you may not have known him or her. Again, if others look down on you, do not grudge or fight over it, just face your God and do your best. God will surely lift you up at the appointed time.

Bible Reading: Matt 18:1-5.

Thought for today: Be careful how you treat others.

Let us pray: May we see beyond the creatures we meet to He who made them all – Amen.

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