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Homily for Friday of the First week of Advent (II) (4th December, 2015) on the Gospel

Is 29:17-24;
Ps 26:1.4.13-14 (R. v.1)
Matt 9:27-31.

Topic: Your faith.

Although the two blind men who followed Jesus were crying loudly: “Have mercy on us, Son of David!” (Matt 9:27) but when he entered the house and the blind men came to him, he asked them: “Do you believe that I am able to do this?” (Matt 9:28). Could it be that the blind men would shout for help without having faith that Jesus could do it?

Just like the blind men who came to Jesus in today’s gospel, we all come to Jesus with different forms of troubles. But it is important that we keep our faith even when we say, we are greatly afflicted, cf. Ps 116:10. God assures us that whatever we ask in prayer, we will receive, if only we have faith, cf. Matt 21:22; Mk 11:22.

My dear friend, surely you might have asked for that for a long time but that does not mean that God has changed. He can do that for you and will surely do that but there is need to be steadfast, cf. Lk 18:8.

Bible Reading: Heb 11:1-40.

Thought for today: Stop wavering. He is very near.

Let us pray: Lord, we believe; please help our unbelief (cf. Mk 9:24) – Amen!

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