Homily (Reflection) for Friday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time (I) (01st February, 2019) on the Gospel
Heb 10:32-39;
Ps 36:3-6.23-24.39-40 (R. v.39);
Mk 4:26-34.

Topic: You are holding lots of keys.
Often we complain that things are not going the way they should. Many never thought of what they can do to get them go the right way. Even when one’s attention ever goes to that direction either on its own or through another person it is easily dropped thinking that such do not and may never count.
Today’s gospel has two parables. In the parable of the growing seed, Jesus compares the kingdom of God with the man who scattered the seed on the ground and without knowing how the seed would sprout and grow. The earth plays its part of making the seed produce grains the man will harvest. And in the second parable, He compares the kingdom of God with a mustard seed which is the smallest of all the seeds on earth but when sown it turns into the greatest of all shrubs. It ends up growing branches the birds can make nests in its shade.
It is unfortunate that many prefer to be defeatists contrary to the fact that we are made to be more than conquerors through him who loved us, cf. Rom 8:37. The seed would not have produced grains if the man did not scatter. In the same vein, the mustard seed would have remained the smallest of all the seeds on earth if not sown. The scattering of the seed and the sowing of the mustard seed were actually the keys that opened doors to greater things.
Dear child of God, as we are blessed with yet a new day, a new month, think of the seeds God has given to you. Do not neglect any. Put out your hand and sow/scatter them. That will certainly start a serious chain reaction. I therefore remind you and myself, we are holding lots of keys to unlock so many doors for the good of all.
Bible Reading: 1Cor 12:4-30.
Thought for today: God has given you enormous power for good.
Let us pray: Lord, help us bring the needed change in the world by doing our part – Amen.
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