Homily (Reflection) for Thursday of the Second Week of Lent (23rd March, 2017) on the Gospel

Jer 7:23-28;
Ps 94:1-2.6-9. (R. v.8);
Lk 11:14-23.
Topic: Tarnishing others.
The people accused Jesus of casting out the demons by the ruler of the demons. Others tested Him by demanding a sign from heaven. However, Jesus told them that no kingdom that divided against itself can stand and the devil’s is not an exception. He also asked them of whose power their children cast out demons.
People are gifted differently, cf. 1Cor 12:4, 27-31. As a result, it is unreasonable for one to expect all to be either good or bad in one thing or another. Each person ought to be according to his or her gifts.
Often people are given names just to tarnish their image because they are good according to their gifts. In today’s gospel, what did the people gain by crediting Jesus’ power to Beelzebul? Similarly no one gains anything by tarnishing other’s image instead we expose ourselves to difficulties because every gift is for the common good, cf. 1Cor 12:7; 1Pt 4:10.
We ought to seek the good of our neighbours, cf. 1Cor 10:24. Tarnishing one another’s image benefits nobody. We must be happy with and for others because blessings are from God, cf. Rom 12:15; 1Cor 11:12. We will enjoy the best of God’s gifts in a happy and peaceful atmosphere. Tarnishing others is like putting off a candle lighted by God to light up others’ paths.
Bible Reading: Lk 8:49-50; Rom 12:9-21.
Thought for today: Do not tarnish others’ image.
Let us pray: Lord, help us to accept the fact that we are gifted differently – Amen.

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