Homily (Reflection) for 22nd December, 2016: Weekday of Advent on the Gospel

1Sam 1:24-28;
1Sam 2:1.4-8. (R. v. 1)
Lk 1:46-56.
Topic: Mary’s Song of Praise (Magnificat).
God’s choice of Mary as the mother of Jesus is not a right but a privilege. And in today’s gospel, we see Mary glorifying God for this and for all other things He has done for her and for His servant Israel in remembrance of His mercy. This is in accordance with the promise God made to Abraham and to his descendants forever.
We are just few days away to the end of the year. Although it might be difficult for some to acknowledge that God did anything good this year but He has done all things well for everybody, cf. Mk 7:37. Yes, including you. Again, many people both those we know and those we do not know have also done a lot for us.
So, this is not the time to calculate the things that did not go as one wanted them. Do not calculate only the bad things others did to you both those that are real and those we imagine. Remember the things that were better than you expected. God expects all of us to appreciate all He has been doing in our lives, cf. Ps 107:8, 15, 21, 31. It is now that we can thank God, cf. Is 38:17-18. Remember that we all received everything that we have today, cf. 1Cor 4:7. Again, thank also all those who have been useful to you this year and all the days of your life.
Bible Reading: Lk 17:11-19.
Thought for today: How often do you remember to say thank you (to God and to others)?
Let us pray: Lord, help us to appreciate all you do for us and for our brothers and sisters – Amen.

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